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The Yorke Valley Hotel, Maitland. Take Away Salad Menu

Feeling healthy or you just like a great salad. We have some great salads available that are sure to amaze your taste buds. Enjoy!

Pasta Salads

Tangy Tomato Pasta

Large shell pasta with a tangy tomato dressing, red and green capsicum and chopped parsley

Sweet Chilli Pasta

Spiral pasta with diced bacon, sweet corn, red and green capsicum and chopped Spanish onions with a sweet chilli and coleslaw dressing

Creamy Cheese and Bacon Pasta

Spiral pasta with diced bacon, spring onions, sweet corn, grated carrot, shredded cheese and chopped celery with ranch dressing

Italian Pasta Salad

Shell pasta with chopped red and green capsicum, spring onions, Italian herbs, sundried tomatoes, stuffed green olives, whole and sliced kalamata olives with an Italian balsamic vinegarette dressing

Potato Salads

Honey Mustard Potato Salad

Diced potatoes with sliced red onions and parsley with a honey mustard dressing

German Baby Potato Salad

Baby potatoes boiled with cooked bacon rashers, white onion, sliced spiced gherkins, parsley and a caeser dressing

Green Salads

Garden Fresh Salad

Fresh crisp iceberg lettuce with cucumber, tomato, purple onion, capsicum and snow pea sprouts with an Italian dressing

Greek Salad

A fresh mescalin lettuce mix with kalamata olives, fetta cheese, tomato, purple onion and capsicum with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

Egg and Lettuce Salad

Shredded lettuce with hard boiled eggs and parsley dressed with a mayonnaise, cream and curry dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad

Fresh salad mix topped with grilled chicken pieces, cooked bacon rashers, boiled egg, shaved parmesan cheese with a caeser dressing and croutons.

Baby Spinach, Bacon and Sundried Tomato Salad

Baby English spinach tossed with cooked bacon, roasted cashews and sundried tomatoes with an olive oil and lemon dressing

Cabbage Salads


Shredded cabbage and grated carrot with a traditional coleslaw dressing

Thai Coleslaw

Shredded green and purple cabbage, sliced red and green capsicum, sweetcorn, grated carrot, diced onion and parsley with a coleslaw dressing

Oriental Chinese Cabbage and Noodle Salad

Chinese cabbage shredded with oriental noodles, roasted pinenuts and sliced spring onions with an olive oil, soy sauce and vinegar based asian dressing

Rice Salads

Wild Rice Salad

A combination of basmati rice and wild rice with chopped parsley, red capsicum, salted cashew nuts and an asian flavoured dressing

Curry Rice Salad

Basmati rice with diced bacon, chopped onion, sweetcorn, peas, pineapple pieces, diced capsicum and sultanas with a curry based dressing

Other 'Yorke Valley Favourites'

Mushroom Salad

Fresh sliced mushrooms with diced red and green capsicum and parsley with an Italian balsamic vinegarette dressing

Seafood Salad

A combination of prawns and seafood extender with sliced celery, sweet gherkins, risoni pasta, chopped parsley with our seafood sauce dressing

5 Bean Salad

A delicious 5 bean mix with sliced capsicum both red and green, purple onion, olives and parsley with an Italian dressing


Sliced celery, fresh red apples and walnut pieces with a traditional waldorf dressing of mayonnaise and lemon juice

Asparagus and Bacon Salad

Freshly blanched asparagus spears with cooked diced bacon and sliced spring onions with an olive oil, garlic and balsamic red wine vinegar dressing

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Small Plastic Container

1 - 2 People $5.00

Foil container

3 - 4 People $8.50

Plastic container with lid

5 - 10 People $25.00

Large bowl

10 - 20 People $38.00

Extra Large

20 + People $50.00

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