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The Yorke Valley Hotel, Maitland. Main Menu


We invite you to enjoy our new entrée menu selection designed to provide you with a variety of quality choices. Relax in our modern dining room, try a wine from our extensive wine list …… let the ambience, the friendly service and the plentiful and tasty cuisine take you to a great place!!

Prawn Fritters
Housemade prawn fritters, 5 per plate served with a dipping sauce


Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Made fresh at “The Valley” these spring rolls are full of vegetables, deep-fried and served with sweet chilli sauce


Potato Wedges
Crispy potato wedges, fried and served with sweet chilli and sour cream or aioli


Crumbed Camembert Cheese
Four wedges of double crumbed Australian camembert cheese, deep fried and served with warmed red currant jelly


Toasted Turkish Panini bread topped with tomato, basil, prosciutto and drizzled with a balsamic reduction


Oysters Kilpatrick
The traditional cooked oyster dish with bacon, worchestire sauce and grilled

1 doz $24.00 1/2 doz $17.00

Oysters Natural
Large juicy oysters served cold with lemon wedges

1 doz $20.00 1/2 doz $15.00

Oysters Yorke Valley
Try your oysters grilled with our signature yorke valley garlic sauce and prawns

1/2 Doz $26.00 1/2 Doz $20.00

Garlic Bread
A 9” ciabatta, spread with garlic butter and baked


Chicken Menu

We have quite a range of chicken dishes available for you to choose from. Choose a freshly crumbed chicken snitzel or maybe you would prefer a healthy alternative of warm chicken salad? Again make your choice of chicken dish, maybe a sauce and let us do all the work. All of these menu choices are served with chips and salad bar.

Grilled Chicken Breast
For those of you who prefer a healthy meal alternative when dining out then this could be your choice, a fresh chicken breast, grilled, you pick a sauce if you like. This meal is also gluten and dairy free.

Full $17.50 Half $12.50

Chicken Snitzel
This is a full chicken breast (or half if you like) breaded fresh on premises, deep fried in canola oil until golden brown and served to you with chips and your choice of sauce.

Full $18.00 Half $12.50

Chicken Snitzel Yorke Valley
One of our delicious chicken snitzels served with our very own signature sauce, the Yorke Valley Sauce, which consists of pan fried prawns and our secret garlic sauce.

Full $23.00 Half $16.00

Chicken Tenderloins
The strip of chicken which runs down the back of the chicken breast, you can enjoy these in a number of ways, why not try them all over time. Grilled, Salt and Pepper, Satay or Sweet Chilli

Full $18.00 Half $12.50

Dukkah Coated Tenderloins
Dukkah is a unique seasoning native to the Middle East, it is made of a combination of nuts, seeds and spices all blended together to produce a ground mixture which we use to coat our chicken tenderloins, these are then deep fried (or ask for them grilled) and served with tzatziki sauce.

Full $20.00 Half $14.00

Caesar Salad
Another healthy menu option, this time a full plate of fresh cos lettuce with crispy bacon, Caesar dressing, parmesan, a soft poached egg, croutons and caeser dressing. Ask for no croutons and balsamic dressing for a gluten and/or dairy free option Add Chicken + $5.00 Add Prawns + $6.50


From the Grill

Our menu from “the paddock” it is both delicious and wide-ranging, if you have a hefty appetite you could indulge in our large rump steak or maybe for a smaller cut try the grain fed porterhouse, we suggest you peruse the meat menu and make your choice, then turn the pages to the sauces menu and decide what you would like to top your steak with, tell us how you would prefer it cooked and wait in anticipation. All of these menu choices are served with chips and salad bar.

Rump Steak
As the name suggests, this cut of meat comes from the rump of the beast, it is our largest cut of meat, and you can choose either a full steak or a half steal.

Large $26.00 Small $21.00

Rump Steak Yorke Valley
This is a rump steak, either large or small, cooked how you prefer and served with our very own signature sauce, the Yorke Valley Sauce which consists of pan fried prawns and our secret garlic sauce, for the lover of both red meat and seafood, give this dish a go.

Large $31.00 Small $24.50

T Bone Steak
The TBone contains meat from two of the most prized cuts of beef, the short loin and the tenderloin, it has a T-shaped bone and is generally considered one of the highest quality steaks, and ours is locally grown, served with fries.


Porterhouse Steak
MSA grade, grain fed striploin, a 300gram delicious piece of steak for those of you that just can’t get through a whole piece of our rump.


Mixed Grill
Our mixed grill is for the meat lover, you will enjoy a small piece of steak, a local loin lamb chop, a couple of sausages, a rissole, bacon and an egg and some fries.


Fillet Mignon
Fillet mignon is a steak cut of beef taken from the tenderloin, it is considered on of the finer cuts of beef. In true traditional French style, ours in wrapped in bacon, grilled and served on a deep fried crouton with our secret mushroom sauce. Due to popular demand we have 2 sizes. We can supply a gluten free crouton if you ask.

Large $34.00 Med $25.00

Beef Snitzel
One of the true pub style meals, our beef snitzel weighs 200grms, is crumbed in house and deep fried in healthy Canola oil, served with fries, you can add a sauce from our sauce menu if you like.

Full $17.00 Small $10.50

Beef Snitzel Yorke Valley
Yes, you are right, this is the beef snitzel with our Yorke Valley Sauce, but it is so popular it deserves its’ own place on our menu.

Full $22.00 Small $14.50

Pork Belly
Pork belly braised ever so slowly and for a long time to ensure a perfectly succulent piece of meat. We change our recipe often, so look on the board for the current recipe or ask our staff.


Seafood Menu

So many choices!!! From locally caught Whiting and Garfish to a number of prawn dishes, what will you choose? When ordering most of our seafood options you can ask to have it grilled, crumbed or battered, our friendly staff will ask you which cooking style you would prefer when placing your order. All of these seafood menu choices are served with chips, a lemon wedge and salad bar; you’ll find tartare sauce on the condiments tray.

Our King George Whiting is caught locally in Port Victoria on the Yorke Peninsula, for a full serve you will enjoy two pieces of whiting, remember to choose which cooking style you would prefer.

Full $25.00 Half $15.50

Also caught in Port Victoria our Garfish and can be cooked however you prefer, you will receive two pieces in a full sized meal, but don’t be afraid to just ask for half a serve.

Full $19.00 Small $13.50

Seasoned Flathead
Another popular local fish, we crumb this in a seasoned crumb and serve it to you fried with chips

Full $21.00 Half $14.50

Traditional Fish and Chips
Two pieces of fish you decide if you want it battered, crumbed or grilled served with fries.

Full $17.00 Half $13.00

Seafood Trio
For those of you who would like a variety of seafood on one plate but don’t think you’d get through our seafood platter then try this dish, you will be served a piece of crumbed whiting, three crumbed prawns and three salt and pepper calamari rings.

Full $24.00

There are so many ways you could eat your prawns, you just have to make a choice from: crumbed, battered, salt and peppered all served with fries, or you may like garlic, sweet chilli or satay all served with rice.

Full $21.00 Half $15.00

Again there are so many ways you could eat your scallops, you may like garlic, sweet chilli or satay all served with rice or perhaps you just prefer them crumbed.

Full $21.00 Half $15.00

Potato Spun Prawns
Due to popular demand we have decided to put these prawns on our menu permanently. Your prawns are wrapped in a fine string of potato, then deep-fried and served with golden fries

Large $21.00 Med $15.00

Crumbed Calamari OR Salt & Pepper Squid
Real rings of calamari coated in breadcrumbs or salt and pepper seasoning , deep fried, served with fries.

Full $19.00 Half $14.50

Seafood Platter
This is a large meal, it includes a piece of battered fish, crumbed garfish, two each of prawn twisters, potato spun prawns, panko prawns, crumbed prawns, crumbed and salt and peppered squid, two crumbed scallops, two oysters Kilpatrick and some chips.

For 1 $32.00 For 2 $58.00

Deserts. For The Sweet Tooth.

For all of our customers who have devoured their main course and find they still have a little room left to squeeze in one of our delicious desserts then feast your eyes on the list below, place your order and wait in anticipation for your mouth-watering sweet treat!!!

Pavlova Stack
Individual serves of pavlova shells sandwiched together with whipped cream and seasonal fruit.


White Chocolate and Raspberry Pudding with icecream and raspberry coulis
A contemporary flavour combination of a white chocolate pudding blended with raspberry pieces and white chocolate chips.


Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce
A time honoured traditional favourite that no-one can resist, rich, dense sticky date pudding with creamy butterscotch sauce and icecream.


Crepes and Baileys
Two French style crepes served hot, drizzled with Baileys, served with icecream and chocolate shavings.


Belgium Waffles
A traditional Belgium waffle, served hot, smothered in raspberry coulis, vanilla iceream and cream.


Nut Sundae
A traditional nut sundae made with vanilla icecream, topping of your choice, crushed nuts and wafers. You can choose from a range of toppings, chocolate, strawberry, lime, banana and caramel


Gluten Free or Dairy Free Desserts
We do carry a number of Gluten Free Desserts, please ask the staff what we currently have available. We also have Soy Icecream should you prefer a dairy free icecream option, please ask.


Sauces Menu

We have a number of different sauces for you to choose from please let the staff know of your choice of sauce when ordering your main meal. We do cater for Gluten Free customers, most of our sauces are not thickened with gluten.

Rich Brown Gravy


Sweet Chilli (gf)








Garlic (gf)








Bacon & Cheese


Parmigianna (gf)


Hawaiian (gf)


Kilpatrick (gf)




Avocado, Bacon and Cheese (gf)


Yorke Valley (gf)
This is our signature sauce made with pan fried prawns and our special garlic sauce


Grilled bacon, onion, fried eggs and gravy


Gluten Free Gravy (gf)


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